Quality Deer Management on 3,300 Acres Since 2002

Welcome to Bullet Hunting Club

Family & friends enjoying some of the best deer and turkey hunting Middle Tennessee has to offer.

Who We Are, How We Hunt & What We Think

Bullet Hunting Club strives to have year round quality food plots

Over 100 Places To Hunt

  • 40+ Food Plots ranging in size from 1/4 to 4 acres. Twenty-nine of them being in year round high protein clover
  • Plots are soil tested, limed & fertilized 
  • 50+ established mineral sites
  • 30+ Shooting Houses with Lexan windows
  • Bow setups (lock-on & ladder stands) on most plots
  • 70+ stands in woods including: single & double ladder, lock-on & pop up blinds
  • Check in & out tagging system for stands
  • Skinning racks and water tank for cleaning game
  • Posted property boundries and locked gated access
  • Detailed map showing stands, plots and trails

Family & friends always welcome at BHC

Family, Friends & Good Times

We know that Bullet Hunting Club is not for everyone. We are a small group of hunters that have progressed to a stage in our life, that reflects a change in values and a desire for a "Quality" hunting experience. 

BHC members put in lots of hours of hard work to improve the land and facilities, and do not mind the sweat equity or financial committment required to have a unique place. Most years, we average 40-60 hours per member working on plots, stands & trails. While a cold frosty one may be opened at the end of the day, there will be no excessiveness, as we respect each others values.

Our 2-1/2 year old bucks, and young hunters are the lifeblood of the club. In order to ensure our future, we strive hard to protect and nurture both of them! Many of our shooting houses are 4'x6', to provide ample room for two people to hunt in. Plus, we have some double ladder stands in the mix, which are great to sit in with a hunting buddy!

Quality deer management practiced since 2002

QDM Practiced Here

  • Quality deer (bucks, does & fawns), quality habitat, quality hunting experiences and quality hunters
  • 14 regular (deer, turkey & small game), and 4 turkey only members
  • Goal is to kill 3-1/2+ yr old bucks, appropriate number of mature does, and 2+ yr old gobblers
  • 3,300 acres of pine, cutover, and big hardwood hollows
  • Part of 14,000+ contiguous acres under management
  • Multiple spring fed streams ensure ample water supply, even during droughts
  • 200 yard rifle range with covered shooting bench
  • Campground with large gravel parking lot
  • Communal building for gatherings
  • Spouses and children are welcome and encouraged to hunt

Club Rules & Membership Structure

Bullet Hunting Club Rules & Membership Cost


If you'd like to be added to our waiting list, then please  complete the application below and send it in. Membership applications are considered based on the order that they are received.

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